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Children playing

Jessica had a brilliant day at forest school, she enjoyed the variety of activities and came home beaming about everything she'd done. She couldn't wait to show me everything she had made and tell me all the things she had done, especially making a fire and toasting marshmallows!

Radipole Holiday Club

August 2023

Children playing

All the staff are really upbeat and engaging. My son absolutely loves going and I hear the same from other parents with kids in other schools too, making friends and learning new forest school skills.

Radipole Hoilday Club

August 2023

Children playing

My daughter has SEN and the staff have been brilliant in communicating to better understand and help her. She LOVES being outdoors and the demands on her are vastly reduced at forest school. My daughters favourite thing is being able to choose the activities she gets involved with, especially muddy play.

Bridport Holiday Club

August 2023

Children playing

Erin thoroughly enjoys forest school club. She has been a regular during the school holidays since staring reception last September and enjoyed the additional forest school sessions she attended during school, Erins favourite thing at forest school is the snacks around the fire!

Erin ais a pupil at Burton CofE Primary & regulary attends our Burton Holiday Club

August 2023

Children playing

I just wanted to send an email to thank you all for providing such wonderful holiday clubs at Burton Primary School this year. My son Morgan has loved them so much and I can honestly say that its the only holiday club I have found that he actually always looks forward to attending. You all do such a fantastic job, there's nothing better as a full time working Mum than the peace of mind of knowing that whilst I can't be looking after my child during the holidays, he is living his best life at Forest School.

A special shout out to Miss Tabor who he particularly loves, she is a very special person and a true credit to Primary Forest School.

Burton Holiday Club 

December 2022

A testimonial from St Catherine's catholic School Bridport, Dorset

At St Catherine's we have been so impressed by the dedication and the innovation of all the leaders we have had at school, the adaptability of the leaders and the fantastic lessons they taught, a consistant programme of learning and the staff adaptability.Miss Emily Fearn - Senior Adminstrator

A testimonial from St Andrews CofE Primary, Weymouth, Dorset.

The afternoon sessions were amazing, the children benfited so much from the small group activities and trying new things. The take-up on the afterschool club was good and offered something different for the children to be be involved in. We are so pleased the children have been given this opportunity. Thank you.Lorriane Clark - Family Liasion officer

A testimonial from St George's Primary School, Portland, Dorset.

“Primary Forest Schools and Sports Education led superbly by Ellen have worked with St. George’s Primary School to plan and deliver a bespoke Forest School curriculum across the primary phase.  Their personal and professional approach from the initial meeting has helped us develop a successful partnership that provides the children with an exciting, fun, inclusive, inspiring and safe Forest School experience.  Everything is covered from the paperwork (legal, planning, risk assessments) to the practical. Ellen and her team provide a wealth of experience and deliver knowledgeable, engaging sessions catered to the class and/or individual.  It has been a privilege to witness our pupils grow in confidence and improve their self-esteem, whilst fostering a sense of bravery and inquisitiveness.  Primary Forest School and Sports Education has helped our children develop a love for learning and the environment around us in the natural world.  I would thoroughly recommend them.”
Michael Coombs – Deputy Head, St George’s Primary

A testimonial from Mrs Ethelson's Primary School, Up Lyme, Dorset.

“Ellen is an exceptionally driven and passionate practitioner. She has worked incredibly hard to produce engaging sequences of lessons that provide every child with the opportunity to enjoy learning outside and excel. She is professional at all times and will immerse herself in school life, offering to support and help whenever she can.

Ellen is a valued member of staff and very popular with all our year groups, parents and the wider community. She communicates well with parents and is completely reliable and driven to achieve her best at all times.

We are delighted to have her support and expertise at Mrs Ethelston’s Primary.”

Katy Lyons – Headteacher, Mrs Ethelston’s Primary

Children playing

We have LOVED being able to help so many families and schools during lockdown! 

Thankyou to everyone who has contacted us, to let us know how they've got on with their forest school home learning packs. We've enjoyed producing them and are really pleased that they've been utilised in a variety of ways; to alleviate the strain of home learning- both here in the UK and abroad as well!

We have regular contributors and really feel like we've built a loving, nurturing community through this. We do hope you'll continue to keep in touch and share your love of nature with us!

As we receive more feedback; we'll update this page, so you can share in the experience of others.

"Rose and I enjoyed some of your activities last week.

We went for a lovely woodland walk in the rain. Rose always loves the ‘fresh’ smell after rain and it makes her feel SO HAPPY! She loves that you can hear the raindrops and the birds but that FRESH SMELL makes her heart sing.

We also enjoyed collecting some lovely flowers and leaves on the way which we made into confetti! This was fun and so was throwing the confetti although we didn’t have any swimming goggles this time.

Rose is great at spotting hearts so I’ve included our favourite heart tree and some little petals rose spotted and collected for the confetti."

Home Learning Packs

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"You've been a Life saver with these activities, thank you."

Heidi Pinchback - Facebook.

"I had just wanted to send a quick email to express my gratitude for this wonderful pack!"

Katie Fisher, Northamptonshire, UK. 

 "Thank you so much for ours! We love the activities! Xx"

Lynne Graham - Facebook.

"Thank you for ours, so many great ideas which we look forward to trying!"

Joy Crow - Facebook. 

"We most enjoyed last months too. I’ll be sure to email some photos over.

Thank you so much."

Katie Ellen.

"These ideas are amazing - exactly what I’m looking for.  My kids will love giving these a go."

Caroline Christie - Home pack feedback. 

"Thank you....these packs have been a life saver for us, they are so creative and inventive...and wonderful! Kept our family going!"

Helen Bartlett - Facebook.

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