Forest Friends Under 5’s Parent Groups

Introduction for Parents

Need an interactive outdoor parent group? Look no further!

At Forest Friends, the sessions are focused on play and exploring the outdoor world. Whether it's looking for treasure, listening to woodland music, or feeling the ground underneath our feet during barefoot walks, no week is the same! Of course there’s plenty of time to be active in a safe but exciting environment too; clambering over obstacle courses, searching for a scavenger hunt items or mixing yummy recipes in the mud kitchen! 

Each week we welcome you to join us for a different themed session filled with activities, story and campfire drink and snack. It is a great opportunity to meet fellow forest friends’ in your area at our all-weather, all-season group. Enjoy weekly booking options with discounts available for childminders and siblings.We hope to see you and your under 5-year-old as our newest forest friend soon!

Introduction for Schools

The aim of the parent groups is to widen our school community links and extend the forest school experience to the very youngest children you could be your future pupils.

The benefits of hosting a forest friends’ group at your setting are:

  • Natural advertisement of your nursery/ school and links made with new potential parents
  • Community links strengthened with local healthcare providers
  • Additional use and maintenance of forest school grounds on your site
  • A greater sense of community at your nursery/ school
  • Forest School activities delivered by a trained member of the PFS team

Range of Activities

We have a range of activities that vary every week:

Child Led Play




Story Time

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Interested in the Forest Friends Under 5's Parent Groups? We offer flexible weekly booking options, plus exclusive discounts: 10% off for siblings and a 50% discount for childminders.

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