Forest School


The ethos of Forest School is for people to instigate, test and maintain a curiosity in the world around them.  Particularly for children it allows them to explore, be creative, learn about and preserve the natural world in a safe environment. It is a common belief that every child has the right to play/ learn in the outdoors and Forest School can clearly achieve such targets. 

Forest school is an all-season activity. Sessions can range from exploring and identifying trees, plants, flowers, bugs and animals, to learning fire safety and constructing camp fires, to survival skills such as den building. Included in every session, to allow the child to explore at their own pace and progress into potential child-led learning, an element of free play will be present. This is an important part of the session that every child could excel in, find something of interest or just generally appreciate and enjoy spending time outside.


Why do Forest School?

Forest School attendance nurtures your child's mental well-being, enhances skills, and creates unforgettable memories through new experiences.

Mental Well-Being

Forest school boosts children's overall development.

  • Child-Led Learning
  • Skill Development
  • Mental Wellbeing Focus
  • Positive Experiences
  • Green Space Benefits

Improve Skills

Forest school can increase numerous skills for children.

  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Motivation
  • Concentration
  • Problem solving ability
  • Stress relief

New Experiences

Forest school can provide children with the experiences to learn, apply and transfer skills into everyday life.

  • Communication during fire safety
  • Problem solving during den building
  • Team work during bug hunts
  • Independence during free play
  • Respect for peers, wildlife and the environment in every session.


Forest School is a long-term commitment where children regularly engage with natural environments, fostering a profound connection with nature. The program takes place in woodlands, enhancing the child-nature relationship and encouraging exploration and appreciation of the outdoors.

The initiative, led by qualified Forest School Leaders, promotes holistic development in children. It fosters resilience, confidence, independence, and creativity, while offering opportunities for controlled risk-taking, crucial for personal growth and building self-assurance.

Incorporating learner-centered techniques, Forest School creates a community focused on collaborative development and learning. It seamlessly integrates with core curriculum subjects like maths, literacy, and science, enriching students' educational experiences and broadening their learning horizons.

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