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Welcome back to Autumn term 2!

Posted by Becky Holman on November 7th 2022

Welcome back to Autumn 2! We had the most wonderful holiday camps running at Half term in Weymouth and Devon, all busy and exciting clubs! The children made fires, explored ‘team’ den building activities and practiced using various tools, as well as creating many artworks using clay, paint and natural materials like leaves and mud! This term the Pre-School at Churchfield School in Somerset will be making new fences and boundaries for our fire circle, using mallets and freshly cut sticks. We will be talking about animal habitats, and why and where animals make their homes. We will also be cooking over our fire! It is a very exciting term! In other news….We have applied for a grant from The Somerset Gardens trust for £350 to add a seated sensory garden to our Early Years Forest school. This garden would be a fantastic adition to the mindfulness area and somewhere for the children to experience new and interesting planting areas. I am happy to inform you that we have been granted this money and are now planning the renovation of this part of the forest school. Once we have a working plan, we will be looking for parents or friends of Churchfield to volunteer to help get the works started as soon as possible so that all can enjoy the space by Spring/ summer term. I will keep you updated as soon as the working plan has been set. I would like to plant the following herbs and plants to add to our existing plants: Lemongrass, Thyme, Scented Geraniums, Lambs ear, Wrinkly kale, Wheat, Tomatoes, Green beans, Spring onions, Sunflowers, Lettuce, and Bunny tails grass and Pussy willow. I look forward to keeping you updated soon!


Holiday Clubs!

Posted by Alice Tabor on April 27th 2022

Brand new holiday club! This Easter holidays we had not one, two or three holiday clubs running … we had FOUR! Primary Forest school are now running four amazing holiday clubs across the South West of England at Axminster, Churchfield, Radipole and now Burton Primary School. Our brand new holiday club in Christchurch, Dorset at Burton Primary School started this Easter holidays with lots of excited new children ready for a fun packed day of activities. We enjoyed a mixture of forest school activities throughout the day, including natural crafts, bug hunting and even some great tree climbing! The children made clay hedgehogs, fairy doors and loved making hapa zome! Hapa zome literally means leaf dying, it is a Japanese printmaking technique that uses the natural pigments in the leaves and flowers to produce colourful and detailed prints, and as you can see by the photos they really are incredible! The children’s favourite time of the day was building their dens to eat their lunch in them, we were so pleased to see so many of them making friends with new children from different schools. Making dens is such a great way to encourage children’s imagination as well as teamwork and communication skills. In the afternoons we learnt how to make a fire, using flint and steel and even cooked on the fire enjoying pizza wraps one day and smores the other! As well as fire lighting we also used tools, the children used safe practice whilst using axes and knifes to prepare and cut the wood for the fire. We had some great feedback from both parents and children over the first holidays, and Miss Tabor and Miss Gale cannot wait to see everyone again in May holidays!


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