St George CE VA Primary, Langton Matravers Forest School News!

Forest School

During this half term the year 6 students have been taking part in forest school activities. They have been wonderful to teach, and their enthusiasm and energy has been incredible especially during the stressful lead up to sats week.  Great work year 6!!

This half term we have covered many topics such as our senses. We played different games such as Bat and Moth to test our sense of hearing. We did a scavenger hunt to test our sight and I even learnt from the group about new plant called stinking iris which when picked smells just like bacon!!

We also explored the trees in the local area by taking part in some tree identification. Groups had to use crayons to do leaf rubbings, look at the fruiting bodies and bark to determine which tree it was using guides. 

We tied knots such as a figure of 8 and a rethreaded figure of 8 which helped us with den building and used tools such as hammers and knives to make some forest school flags. I was very impressed by the group’s maturity and care when using tools which resulted in some wonderful flags being made. 

To finish this half terms forest school sessions we learnt about fire safety and fire lighting. We had a fire and a celebration of all their hard work not only during the forest school activities but their SAT exams too. Incredible job year 6!!

After School Club

The After School Club have been partaking in forest school activities this half term. We have had great fun playing plenty of games, making nature art, looking for minibeasts, building dens and using tools. Looking forward to finishing up with a campfire. Well done ASC!!

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Posted by Stephanie Haworth on June 14th 2024

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