Supporting these Uncertain Times

It’s been a strange few months, hasn’t it? Nothing has been anywhere close to what any of us used to call 'normal' and we have had to develop our own individualised ‘new normal’ routines for ourselves and our families. Many of us have gone from ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ to teacher, entertainer, entrepreneur, designer, scientist, emotional regulator and keep fit instructor every day and all before 9am!

It’s been a huge shock to the system for everyone but we’ve tried to do our little bit where we can.

So many of you have taken our Home Learning Packs and have been so creative with them; adapting our ideas into such imaginative play and fun family activities. We have loved your feedback photos and videos- seeing how your family interpreted our lessons and the wonderful outdoor explorations that you have managed to have together.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support throughout these last few months. We haven’t been able to run our holiday camps, we haven’t been able to get into many schools to share our passion and we haven’t been able to even get out and explore nature as much as we would love to and were used to. It’s been so hard for everyone but those who have stuck by us and shared the love, we thank you.

We are going to continue to release Home Learning Packs for as long as we need to and have our ears pressed right up to the speakers whenever the government has a new announcement, hoping that it includes opening up camps. We know how desperate your little ones are to return to camps and we can’t wait to welcome them back with open arms and a plethora of amazing activities to entertain them!

Things are slowly starting to return to our previous version of ‘normal’ with the announcement that schools will have all pupils back in September, which hopefully means we can continue to share our joy of the outdoors with pupils and classes once again.

If there is anything that we can do for you to help, you just need to ask. Even if it’s just a chat over Facebook about some ideas, or if you need help adapting one of our activities to your situation, please just ask. We love what we do and the more children that we can encourage outdoors, the more we know we will be helping the world and its future.

Stay safe, stay active and most of all, stay happy.

Much love, the Primary Forest School Team

Posted by Ellen Surtees on July 2nd 2020

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