Primary Forest School have teamed up with Little Adventure Shop to bring you a whole range of high quality outdoor clothing.

When you're thinking about what your child should wear for Forest School, remember,  "there's no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing" and your Forest School won't be stopping for a rainy day!

Here are our four top tips for dressing for Forest School: 

  1. Waterproofs: a pair of waterproof dungarees is probably the single most useful piece of clothing for Forest School. Team these with a waterproof jacket and wellies and your child will be head to toe waterproof all day long.
  2. Jumper and trousers: fleece jumpers and trousers are fantastic for Forest School as they'll keep your child warm; they are comfortable and don't restrict movement and also very durable, quick drying and easy to clean.
  3. Footwear: wellies or outdoor boots are great and in the winter team them with a pair of warm socks, like ski socks that come up to the knee to help keep little toes warm.
  4. Layers: instead of putting your child in one thick coat with a t-shirt underneath, think about layering them up; perhaps a t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt, fleece jumper and a waterproof jacket. This way they can take layers on and off as the weather changes.

If you're looking for help to kit your child out for Forest School, head over to the Little Adventure Shop website for a great selection of outdoor clothing for children.

Outdoor Clothing


Outdoor Clothing

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