Why choose us?

Why Choose us?


There is a growing emphasis placed on mental wellbeing of children. At far younger ages children are expressing stress and anxiety traits. Yet, at the same time there is a wealth of evidence that encourages instead of prescribing medications to increase opportunities to spend time outside in green spaces such as woodland, fields or forests to reduce rates of mental illnesses in children.

Forest school can increase numerous skills for children such as confidence, self-esteem, motivation, concentration, problem solving ability, and stress relief. Not only that, it can also provide children with the experiences to learn, apply and transfer skills into everyday life for example communication during fire safety, problem solving during den building, team work during bug hunts, independence during free play, and respect for peers, wildlife and the environment in every session.

Practitioners standards

Practitioners standards align with those set out by Forest School Association and as expected by OFSTED. Our standards:

  • 20 + Years old with 2 years’ experience of working within a Primary School Environment
  • Successful strategies to deal with behaviour and classroom management
  • Level 3 Forest School Leader/teacher degree
  • Enhanced DBS check through the County Council
  • First aid trained (within the past 2 years)
  • Children protection/safeguarding/equality training  
  • All coaches are observed every term
  • Employers and Public Liability Insurance (£5 Million limit of indemnity)
  • Child protection, health and safety, uncollected child and missing child polices
  • Risk assessments for each service provide

Primary Sports & Education

Primary Sports & Education Limited works to enhance the quality of sports provision within the primary school sector by delivering a wide range of high standard sport related services that meet the highest OFSTED requirements or standards.

“We seek to inspire the next generation of children by offering a wide variety of learning opportunities through sport”.

Our qualified and experienced coaching staff are involved in professional development such that:

  • the ‘indoor and outdoor’ physical education sessions they run are structured to provide experiences that directly benefit the health and well-being of children
  • community awareness is raised about the value of sporting activity
  • they are able to inspire the next generation to achieve through sports.

We aim to provide every child with the opportunity to develop fundamental musicianship skills through listening, performing and composing.

Primary Music & Education is one of the very first companies to offer a comprehensive classroom music teaching service. We offer schools a varied, exciting and pioneering music curriculum alongside a thorough assessment programme which will track the progress of children as they go through school in all aspects of music.

Our curriculum and assessments have been developed by a primary school teacher (graded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted) with twenty years’ classroom experience, and over thirty five years of experience as a musician, including a semi-professional performance capacity and as a peripatetic teacher.

We strongly believe that every child should leave primary school equipped with the skills of reading music and playing a musical instrument.


Schools are advised to collate their own equipment however Primary Forest School can provide. The following links are recommended sites to search when purchasing equipment. 





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